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MT6.2 Magnets First Field Map

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Aria Meyhoefer
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Aria Meyhoefer
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12 Nov 2009, 09:32
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12 Nov 2009, 09:32
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12 Nov 2009, 09:32
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This note describes results of a trial construction of a field map for the downstream NDB magnet (NDB21) in the tertiary beamline in MTest. The preliminary map is simplified and incomplete in several ways, but does cover the entire gap of the magnet. That map, in turn, is inserted into a Root-based 3D histogram which has a built-in interpolation function, and also Runge-Kutta stepper software routine, and is used to examine particle trajectories through this field.

This exercise is a step toward a refined field map for the magnet pair and demonstrates some operational tools for the reconstruction of particle momenta and an exploration of the accuracy needed to achive the MINERvA precision goals. It is also a learning exercise for MINERvA personnel who had no prior, specific experience with precision field mapping or momentum reconstruction.

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