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David Christian of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
See documents with David Christian on any version.

EPP-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1654-v1 Pixel Clustering and Spatial Resolution David Christian et al. Detectors
Front End
05 Aug 2020
1640-v3 Export Control David Christian Admin
03 Apr 2019
1496-v6 GF 130nm Test ICs David Christian et al. Electronics
12 Apr 2018
1569-v2 Check of bump bond pattern David Christian Electronics
29 Dec 2017
1644-v8 IFCP65 Test Board(s) David Christian R&D
Front End
24 Feb 2017
1587-v10 Irradiation Paper David Christian Electronics
11 Dec 2015
1632-v1 Movie of Cell 3 David Christian R&D
08 Oct 2015
1628-v1 Irradiation Facilities in the US David Christian R&D
21 Jul 2015
61-v3 Silicon Sensor Radiation Damage David Christian Detectors
07 Nov 2013
1292-v13 High Rate Tracking Test Area David Christian Detectors
02 Oct 2013
1495-v1 A Tagged Photon Beam for Detector R&D David Christian R&D
29 Jul 2013
108-v2 Variable x-ray source David Christian Detectors
26 Apr 2013
486-v1 Unfinished SSD review paper David Christian Detectors
11 Feb 2012
1183-v1 Semiconductor Detectors Track Overview David Christian Detectors
21 Jun 2011
68-v12 FPIX2 Specification FPIX2.1 Specification David Christian Front End
12 Nov 2010
484-v1 4x HDI LGA test board David Christian et al. DAQ
24 Sep 2010
965-v1 The BTeV Pixel Detector David Christian Detectors
17 Jun 2010
719-v1 Pi-p --> LK0 David Christian K0-->Pi0nubarnu
02 Aug 2009
406-v3 Antihydrogen papers David Christian Results
31 May 2009
504-v19 x4 plane and station assembly 4x David Christian Detectors
28 Apr 2009
467-v12 MTest Pixel Telescope - Status Update David Christian Testbeam
21 Apr 2009
705-v2 MTest Beam Structure and Duty Factor David Christian Testbeam
25 Mar 2009
613-v2 Depletion depth David Christian Detectors
16 Oct 2008
529-v2 4x Plane fiducial measurements x4 - MTest David Christian Detectors
22 Jun 2008
571-v1 MTest Pixel Telescope - Initial survey David Christian et al. Testbeam
19 Jun 2008
507-v1 TPG measurements David Christian Detectors
18 Apr 2008
544-v1 Quantifying flux for (bulk) radiation damage studies David Christian Front End
20 Mar 2008
514-v1 Testing & Grading Pixel Modules David Christian Front End
05 Feb 2008
501-v1 Cable tests David Christian Front End
18 Dec 2007
494-v1 CAEN PS manuals David Christian Testbeam
16 Nov 2007
407-v3 A "BTeV" Hybrid Pixel Telescope for MTest David Christian Testbeam
19 Oct 2007
302-v1 Map of first FPIX2.1 wafer probed - thin David Christian Front End
05 Apr 2007
332-v1 PHENIX pixel sensor wafer bump bond gds file David Christian et al. Front End
26 Jan 2007
323-v1 Hybrid Silicon Pixel Detector Telescope David Christian DAQ
16 Jan 2007
227-v2 Data Recovery - How to implement a digital phase follower David Christian et al. DAQ
19 Dec 2006
233-v5 Drawings of Meson - for task force report David Christian Accelerators
05 Oct 2006
207-v3 EPP - an Overview David Christian Staff
11 Sep 2006
125-v2 FPIX2.1 wafer probe card David Christian Front End
19 Jul 2006
120-v2 x-rays of of VTT-bumped BTeV hybrids (FPIX2.1) David Christian DAQ
08 Jun 2006
144-v2 First results from LANL teststand Melynda Brooks et al. Front End
22 May 2006
64-v1 FPIX2.1 test pcb David Christian et al. Front End
19 May 2006
132-v1 Operating FPIX2.1 with inverted logic David Christian et al. Front End
12 May 2006
40-v1 FPIX2.1/TripT wafer David Christian Front End
25 Apr 2006
100-v1 Picture of hybrid pixel detectors David Christian Detectors
03 Apr 2006
38-v1 FPIX2.1 picture David Christian Detectors
31 Jan 2006
42-v1 Count of wires needed for FPIX2.1 module David Christian Detectors
31 Jan 2006
39-v1 FPIX2.1 Heat Model David Christian Detectors
09 Jan 2006
30-v1 BTeV in PHENIX: Pixel Readout Chip Basics David Christian Detectors
05 Dec 2005
24-v1 Fitting a discriminator threshold curve David Christian Detectors
23 Nov 2005

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